Your child is our priority

Here at Home from Home Childcare, we have a good understanding of children's lives and their social contexts, basing our teaching around them. Supporting and encouraging personality development, autonomy and creativity are top priorities for us. Developing social interaction and understanding differences in others also plays an important role in our work. We also support you, the parent, in bringing up your child.


Our motto: working together, we make your child stronger!


All-round care for your child means to us:

  • language development
  • early musical appreciation with ryhmes and song
  • creative development
  • exploration of the senses
  • reading
  • mark making and emergent writing
  • physical
  • pre-school work
  • quiet chill out times
  • role play and drama
  • imaginative play
  • Cooking and Playdough
  • Sand Play
  • Water Play



Children choosing what they want to do with adult support when required.

Adult initiated activities to support further development.


I enjoy baking cakes and cooking fresh meals from good wholesome fresh food.  The children will help me bake from a very early age in a safe a controlled environment.  It will give them the opportunity to feel and smell different textures and ingredients.  It doesn't matter if the cakes don't rise or the icing is a bit watery, it's the experience that counts!!


Useful website for advice and guidance on healthy eating and nutrition ;



This is my kitchen which has lots of space and where the cooking and most of the creative activities will take place. 

Reading a variety of books after breakfast is part of our daily routine.

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7.30 to 5.30


Outside of these hours can be arranged in advance although no overnight care is provided.


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