We believe in working together

Successful cooperation between parents and childcarers is important because it also has an effect on your child's development.


This is why we have an Home from home diary for us to share daily information with each other.  We will encourage you to take this away at the end of the day and bring it back the next time.  This helps develop a culture of cooperation, continuous exchange between parent and carer and joint planning of parties outings and activities.  Aswell as all the other things such as nappy changes and food they have eaten.


We encourage you to spend some time settling in by sharing time with me in my home.

I will ask you to complete an 'All about me' form that gives me an insight into what your child is like.  I will do a base line assessment of your child's development that will form the first part of their Learning journey.  This can stay with us until your child moves onto another setting such as Nursery School.  This valuable information will form the basis of your child going into school, giving the staff an idea of what a budding superstar they are.





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7.30 to 5.30


Outside of these hours can be arranged in advance although no overnight care is provided.


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