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If i am going on an outing i will have already gained your permission.  However i will be posting up and coming outings on the website and with permission any photographs on our return.  Photos will also be used for the Learning Journeys.


N.B. If you do not want pictures displayed then please do not sign the consent form in your introductory pack.




The New EYFS comes into force September 2012.


We will talk about this informally on pick ups but for more information please visit the following website:


When your child reaches two years of age i will be conducting the 2 yr old check, looking at the development milestones in relation to the EYFS.  I will give you a copy of this document and there is space for parent comments and feedback.



 We have given the playroom more light by removing the heavy curtains and replacing with sheer net clipped up with colourful pegs. The table and chairs gives an opportunity for the children to group together for snack and group work.

We have decorated the playroom and one area is dedicated to construction. This has proved to be popular with boys and girls as they use lego, duplo and the building tools to create just about anything their imagination will allow.



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7.30 to 5.30


Outside of these hours can be arranged in advance although no overnight care is provided.


Please also use our contact form.


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